On Perfection and other Misconceptions…

It’s been over a month.  I’ve missed being here, yet I’ve avoided coming back.  For those that only know me from afar, I lost my Mom on October 29 to lung and brain cancer.  It was traumatic and beautiful and awful… and for some reason, I couldn’t share in words all that I went through.  All that she went through.

When she was so sick, a troop of girlfriends stepped up and brought us meals.  The reoccurring theme each evening was “I was so intimidated to bring you dinner, because you’re such a great cook” or “I know you eat really healthy, but I hope you will eat this…”  And every night we enjoyed an amazing dinner that filled our bellies and our hearts.  I’m really not sure where the misconception that I had it all together was formed?

It’s easy to paint a perfect picture of ourselves through words.  It’s easy to hide your imperfections behind pretty pictures.  Or, in my case, by not writing at all when life became really difficult.  So I’m back.  Even less perfect than before.

Here’s how our Thanksgiving feast arrived yesterday.  Yep- catered.  In a giant box.  (That’s Poppa and Uncle Norm- Our “Chefs”)

Everything tasted amazing.  Even the Salted Carmel Cheesecake  that I did make.  It looked more like a crater than dessert, had a fall apart store bought crust and never really did set up quite right.

It did look a little better after I put the carmel on top.  My husband (Mr. IronMan anti sugar- himself) ate two pieces.  Pretty on the outside doesn’t always get the medal.

Will I make it again?  Absolutely!  Next time, it will turn out beautiful and perfect…and then…then…I will take a picture and post it on my blog!  Hahahaha- wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!  I’ve missed you.

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4 thoughts on “On Perfection and other Misconceptions…

  1. Kim says:

    We’ve missed you. <3

  2. Missy says:

    Welcome back! Not sure what is wrong with the cheese cake pic? Mine always look that fabulous. :-)

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